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Over four million visitors all over the world

Goudi Olympic Complex
From 19 October 2023 to 15 January 2024

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Countries throughout Europe, America and Asia
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The Exhibition

Life in Space is the EXHIBITION that has been and still is thrilling the world audience and that in four years has seen four million visitors coming, from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv, from Johannesburg to Warsaw and Istanbul. The space and its wonders told through the looks, objects and simulators of US Space & Rocket Center, ASI, and ESA. Over original memorabilia, spaceships, satellites, rockets, and scale models mark the path in the footsteps of astronauts, technicians and scientists. Life in Space also offers the experience of 500 square meters of pure physical and mental interactivity, the Space Camp, where visitors can experience the same sensations astronauts and cosmonauts experience during training: from the loss of the spatial orientation, or to engage in landing with the Space Shuttle simulator upon returning from a mission. Since last year a new ISS VR Plat form is been developed and ready to bring visitors inside the ISS.

"...We choose to go to the Moon within this decade and do even more things, not because these are easy challenges, but because they are difficult ..." this is the sentence pronounced by John Kennedy in his famous speech at Rice University on September 12, 1961. The Soviet Union had launched its challenge in the cosmos to the US since 1957, launching the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into orbit, Laika and then the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. Another key passage of that same discourse that put at the center not the competition but the extraordinary potential of cooperation is less known: "... space has not yet seen any contention, any prejudice, no national conflict. His dangers make him hostile to everyone. His conquest deserves the best of all humanity and this opportunity for peaceful cooperation may never come again ...”.

Thus began the adventure of man in space that would have crowned a centuries-old dream. This, though not only this, is the spirit of this enterprise that allowed the United States in July 1969 to send men to the Moon, and in July 1975 to the Soviet Soyuz capsule and an Apollo program spaceship, to engage in orbit in an embrace of great symbolic power. The outcome of these new forms of collaboration do not cease to amaze us and the international space station represents perhaps one of the highest degrees of complexity and technological and scientific integration ever achieved, involving many nations.

Within the 1500 m2 exhibition, you will find answers to questions such as:

  • Why is space research important?
  • How has the International Space Station been built?
  • How do astronauts live in Space?
  • Discovering the International Space Station toilette.
  • How do astronauts sleep in space?

    The exhibition aspires to bring children and young people closer to the natural sciences, encouraging them in an educational but at the same time entertaining way to discover the positive impact of space technology on people's daily lives.







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    The history of the conquest of space from its beginning until today.
    An exhibition for the whole family.
    A real experience.


    Life in Space Logo

    How much does the science of space exploration affect our daily lives?

    EXHIBITION Interactive Area - SIMULATORS

    Here, visitors can experience the same sensations felt by astronauts
    and cosmonauts during their training and duration in space.

    (Not included in the ticket price)

    The Multi Axis Trainer used at Space Camp simulates a tumble spin one might experience in space. Based on the Multiple Axis Space Test Inertia Facility used during the Mercury program, the MAT provides the feeling of disorientation experienced during an out-of-control spin. The MASTIF had a full set of controls that would allow the astronaut to practice regaining control of the vehicle, whereas the MAT has no controls. In flight, only one American mission experienced a tumble spin on board: Gemini VIII piloted by Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott. A stuck maneuvering thruster caused an out-of-control spin. They were able to regain control of the capsule but had to return early due to low fuel.


    This simulator gives you the chance to try your hand at being a shuttle commander. Follow the display on the screen in front of you and use the joystick to maneuver your orbiter. Beware! You have only one chance to land since the orbiter does not have any engines to take you around for another try.


    This is a flight simulator in 3D graphics, which offers a realistic piloting experience of the F18. Being a pilot of military aircraft is a requirement much appreciated by space agencies, especially when it comes to test aircraft (test experimental aircraft and generally are able to cope with emergencies and unforeseen events). The first American astronaut candidates were selected by NASA in 1959 for the Mercury project with the aim of orbiting astronauts around the Earth in single-seater capsules. Military services were asked to provide a list of military test pilots with specific qualifications.


    Explore the International Space Station 400 km above Earth through virtual reality headsets. In this simulation experience, developed in collaboration with ESA, ASI and astronauts who have long stayed on the ISS, visitors will find out how to move between zero gravity modules, and learn about life on the International Space Station.


    Housed inside an enveloping seat, this interactive experience simulates the movements and displacement of air, visitors will experience a very real simulation of a walk on Mars.




    Sunday 7/1/2024 : From 10:00 up to 22:00 (Latest Entrance 21:00)

    Monday 8/1/2024 to Friday 12/1/2024: From 13:30 up to 21:00
    (Latest Entrance 20:00)

    Saturday 13/1/2024 and Sunday 14/1/2024 : From 10:00 up to 22:00
    (Latest Entrance 21:00)

    Monday 15/1/2024 (Last Exchibition Day) : From τις 13:30 up to 21:00
    (Latest Entrance 20:00)

    Exhibition Tickets Support Phone 2107712647




    Adults :
    Monday to Friday: 15 € - Saturday/Sunday/Holidays : 18 €

    Child / Student / Unemployed / 65+ / Disabled :
    Monday to Friday: 12 € - Saturday/Sunday/Holidays : 15 €

    Entry to the exhibition is permitted for children over the age of five.



    Family Pack 1 :
    4 people tickets : 1 Adult + 3 Children
    Special Price :
    Monday to Friday 45 € - Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 50 €

    Family Pack 2:
    4 people tickets : 2 Adults + 2 Children
    Special Price :
    Monday to Friday 48 € - Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 55 €

    Family Max:
    5 people tickets : 2 Adults + 3 Children
    Special Price :
    Monday to Friday 59 € - Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 65 €

    Family Plus:
    6 people tickets : 2 Adults + 4 Children
    Special Price :
    Monday to Fridayς 70 € - Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 80 €

    Entry to the exhibition is permitted for children over the age of five.


    Special prices for Group bookings of more than 20 people. Call LAVRIS PRODUCTION on the phone: 210 7258510 (Monday - Friday 10:00-18:00)


    ΕSchool visits by appointment
    (Monday to Friday : 08:30 to 13:00)

    Special rates for school visits. For reservations callSD Concept : 210 6143021, 6947162967, 6946123004 (Monday to Friday 8:00 - 18:00).

    2107712647 Exhibition Tickets Support Phone



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    Useful information


    To facilitate your visit to Life In Space - The Exhibition, we provide you with some practical information here:

    Children over the age of five are allowed to enter the exhibition.

    During your stay in the area, absolute silence must be observed, mobile phones must not be used for communication, not to consume food, coffee and drinks only in the canteen.

    The Exhibition does not have a wardrobe for storing clothes and things.

    At the exit of the exhibition you will find the canteen and the special souvenir shop.